Using Twitter in your Business

Most likely because I live in the blogging niche, I’ve felt like this topic had been done to death.  But, after speaking with three different people this week in totally different segments of the economy, I think maybe I’m wrong.  So, here’s my ubiquitous post on how to use Twitter in your business.

Let’s roll!

A Tool or A Toy?

Twitter can be a tool or Twitter can be a toy.  It all depends on how you use it.  Yes, there are plenty of people tweeting about the ham sandwich they just ate, or are eating, the movie they just saw, or a million and one other inane things.  But, there are also those out there who are using Twitter to further their business and getting excellent results.

Personally, I’ve had great success using Twitter to find good contractors for short-term projects and I’ve also had great luck finding experts to help me out of a jamb.  Case in point: my friend Dominic Goucher, you can find him on Twitter at @dgoucher.  Dominic is a Screenflow expert.  Screenflow is what I use to create the videos of the interviews I do, or some of the other short videoblog posts I’ve done.  I purchased Screenflow with absolutely No Idea how to use it.  I wanted videos, this was software which worked on my Mac (and we know how much I love my Mac!), so I bought it and did my first interview with Joerg within the same week.  About five minutes after that was when the trouble started.  Dominic helped me out of that jamb and plenty since because he is a Prince Among Men ☺!  And I wouldn’t have found him without Twitter.

If you want another real world example, here you go: I have a friend who owns a salon and spa and she uses Twitter with great success.  If she has a cancellation, if there is a special offer that week, or even if someone in the salon is having a birthday, she tweets it.  (She also posts it to Facebook, but that’s another blog.)  The point is, she uses Twitter as a tool to communicate with her clientele.  And it works beautifully.  She keeps her schedule full, her clientele knows about her specials, and her staff feels recognized.

I’d call that a total success, and quite a useful tool.

If you’re looking to build a network, whether online or “offline”, Twitter can be a very useful tool. Find people who could be your customer, find meetup groups in your neighborhood, or keep up on the latest developments in your niche or business sector.  All of this can be done with Twitter.

Some ways to serve your customer and your business via Twitter:

1. Let them know about special offerings.
2. Tweet out coupons just for your Twitter followers.
3. Send out happy birthday/happy anniversary, etc, greetings.
4. Find “guru’s” to help you out of a jamb.
5. Keep in touch with friends/coworkers/past coworkers/clients/vendors in real time.
6. Use Twitter search to find potential clients/customers.

Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found Twitter to be a fantastic business tool, whether for networking or finding contractors, or guru help, or whatever.  My point is, try it out and see what you think.  And if you’re lunch was good, let us know that too ☺.

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