Interview: Doak Turner of

On Monday, I talked to Doak Turner about his business venture the Nashville Muse.  Below, our conversation continues with a discussion about his newest venture with his partner Will Carter: is Nashville’s GPs for the music industry.  If you’re looking to break into country music, or just want to know more about how it’s done, whether you’re an artist, songwriter, musician, technician or in the industry, this is where you need to start.

Interview: Doak Turner of the Nashville Muse

All small businesses start with an idea, and the Nashville Muse is no different. From it’s humble beginnings as a simple email, Doak Turner has turned the Nashville Muse it one of the most important eZines in Nashville for singer’s, songwriter’s, and anyone else who wants to be plugged into what’s going on in the Nashville music scene.

Here’s my interview with Doak about how he got started, the challenges he overcame, like being accused of being a spammer by his ISP, and how hearing “No” as a salesperson helped make Nashville Muse a success. I especially like Doak’s definition of FEAR: False Elements Appearing Real.

Oh, and be sure to also check out the link below the interview for a peak at the video of Doak’s song Rocks in the River!